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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Since I love 'em more RPGs!

Diablo I: Exploring the catacombs
Today, I will be looking at my favorite hack-n-slash RPG; the Diablo series. This game has stolen years of life time from me, and I absolutely love it. First looking at the original game Diablo has had an unending list of awards and an unending list of hours I've spent on it. Although only three characters to trek with (note: before you tell me "OH WHATZ ABOUTS TEH HELLFIER CHARACTARS?!?!?!?" Hellfire is a expansion that was not created as a part of the series but rather an expansion made by another company and not consider apart of the series), the randomly generated maps, armor, and weapons in this 1998 release make for countless hours of entertainment.
Diablo II on the other hand has five characters to adventure with in the vanilla version, with an added two in the expansion. Still keeping its random generations of gear and maps the major change is in skills. The original game having a skill book system where every character had the same skills, Diablo II now has a skill tree system (similar to WoW as I'm told) where each character has their own individual techniques. 
One of the many teaser pictures for the next installment; Diablo 3
With Diablo III on the way (on the way in Blizzard time equates to another two years...) my nostalgagasms have been endless when I play these action RPG classics. Before you don't consider this game because "RPGs are for nerds" I plead you try it as it has more action hack-n-slash aspects than a usual RPG and this is still one amazing RPG none the less.

On another topic:
 I was wondering if anyone would be interested in Magic: The Gathering blogs/Dungeons & Dragons story blogs as those are both non-video game things I absolutely adore.


  1. d2 is a classic, cant wait for d3

  2. im with ed, D2 is awesome, totally crazy for D3

  3. I'm totally stoked for Diablo III just like the other two. I cannot wait until it comes out. I refused to play WoW specifically because I want to dedicated my wasting life for DIII.

    I never played Magic and I always wanted to try D&D, but I wouldn't mind reading up about either of those.

  4. I've never tried these games but I have to say you've got me interested

  5. Diablo 2

    Don't need to say more! :D

  6. I love your taste in video games man!

  7. This makes me want to play Diablo again.

  8. +1 for your idea as in my history have played both of those with more than average interest.